Optetime 62′


I’ve worked with a number of interior designers in my role of facility development for a rapidly growing company. Susan Winchester tops them all in her combined creativity, technical knowledge, aesthetic sense, project management and interpersonal skills. This is the second boat we’ve done with Susan.  The first was so appealing it was featured in various boating magazines for more than three years.  This time, we came to Susan with several challenging goals: to make the small port guest stateroom just as comfortable and inviting for guests as the forward stateroom, to create a more appealing view and conversational setting in the aft cockpit, and to find a way to incorporate various art pieces and accessories.  Susan aced every goal, including making items work which she might not have chosen, though she is tactful yet candid if she feels you are about to make a mistake  — like choosing a fabric with high silk content. In addition to her significant talent, Susan’s responsiveness, positivity, and personal warmth make her a joy to know both personally and professionally.

Betty Petty